More information coming soon. For now take a look at The Center for Bits and Atoms within the MIT Media Lab for other examples of “Machines that make Machines” MTM. Special thanks goes to the one and only Nadya Peek for her help on the project.

This board is a pyGestalt node with an onboard stepper motor driver to control each axis. You can find the schematics, board, code, and BOM here. Each node will represent its own axis, identified in your virtual machine. You can see an example virtual machinehere. You can build your own software interface to talk to the virtual machine, for example from a web browser, or perhaps streaming coordinates from a spreadsheet or Grasshopper within Rhino 3D.

Above is a look at the node, you can find the design files above and some info on Eagle here. Below is the system diagram describing how the different motor control boards connect. 1 node, 2 node, red node, blue node…..
If you’d like to try and make one here is a link to download the cut files. As always build at your own risk and have a look at other great open source projects at CBA MTM.

5 axis desktop milling machine.